16 June 2024

21st NATO Chess Championship


Germany - and all the others

Germany - the winner of the team-competition
Foto: Verner Christensen ©
In the team-competition Germany toke the first place with 21 points, second Poland with 18. Third was Turkey with 17½ point before Denmark also with 17½ point, but with a lower bucholtz.
In the individual tournament the winner was IM Lorenz Drabke, Germany 6 points, 2. FM Fabrice Wantiez, Belgium also with 6 points, but a lower bucholz. 3rd IM Andreas Schenk, Germany 5½, 4th Doga Cihan Goksel, Turkey and 5th FM Finn Pedersen, Denmark both with 5 points.
The prize for the best game was given to Saturnin Skindzier, Poland for his game with Karl Koopmeiners, Germany i round 6.
Verner Christensen 23 October 2010

+ PGN-file updatede with alle games
Alle games from round 1 to 7 included in the pgn-file.
One game from round five is corrected, as it only had one move.
The best game of the tournament has been selected: game no 12 from round 6
Verner Christensen 22 October 2010

+ PGN-file updated
The PGN-file updated with round five.
Verner Christensen 21 October 2010

21st NATO Chess Championship 18th October - 22nd October 2010, Koge Denmark